Can I paint my own Molding if I choose?

Yes we can install moldings and if you choose you can paint it yourself. Keep in mind it would require preparation of filling nail holes and caulking where molding meets the walls.

Will the work create dust in my home?

We take every precaution to keep your home clean.. We lay rubber backed Drop cloths from the entrance to the work location. We only cut wood in our shop OR outside depending on which type of work we are doing. Our employees are trained to keep your home clean at all times.

Do you use Sub-Contractors

NO – we use our own Employees which are covered by Workers Compensation insurance for your protection.

How much does a typical job cost?

Although we can provide costs of simple room makeovers, Which you can see on our website, much of our work has a custom component which needs to be designed and quote per job..

Can you do small jobs?

Our minimum job would be $2500

Do you provide a Warranty?

Yes, we provide 2 year warranty on the installation, and Materials, from the date of the project’s completion.