What you put in your home says a lot about you. And each home is different. In fact, each room inside your home is different and requires a different approach, or aesthetic.

You can make your home even more personal, to suit your mood or style with one of our molding packages designed to fit your budget and add a level of sophistication that ordinary decorating or painting just can’t achieve.

Choosing one of our packages is very personal, as with all things in your home, how it looks is as important as what it does. So we developed 3 packages that offer a variety of distinctive materials, and created a range of options you can mix and match to create the personalized style you’ve always dreamed of.

Crown molding.
Reimagined. Redesigned.

The beauty of crown molding has been a favorite accent for homeowners like you for many decades. For DoModling, we took some of most popular projects and created 3 distinct packages in different price points as well as appointments and finishes.

A new day, a new room!

Each successful project we complete for clients like you ultimately begins with your satisfaction. Everyone will love your new crown molding so much, they won’t dare ask how much you paid, that’s the level of quality we provide, but the prices just might fool you!

To find out more about one of our packages, please click a link below. To see some of our past work, visit our gallery pages. To read what some of our past clients say about our projects, you can click here. And finally, to contact us, please click here or call us at 732-821-0067.

Trim Package 1 - $990

Trim Package 1

TrimPackage 2 - $1999

Trim Package 2

Trim Package 3 - $3699

Trim Package 3
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